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Hi, i have a problem with the translation of my shop.
The frontend inline translation does work, but when i edit, the translation will change for both storeviews.
It seems that i have changed some settings, but cant figure out where to search for the solution.
I have 2 storeviews: English and Dutch (Nederlands).

In this case i also want to translate the items in the megamenu, but also here i cant change it for 1 storeview.
Any help or suggestions?

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Hi Dion,
Now it working fine i changed the file: /domains/
Please let me know if you need help further.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100280.00 $tone August 1, 2016

Hi There,
Please PM me your site’s URL, admin and FTP credentials, I’ll detect the root of the issue for troubleshooting. And tell me the Place you can’t translate?
About the Megamenu please add the new group in the Dutch like the docs
Best Regards,

Profile photo of Dion Wegman 370.00 $tone August 2, 2016

Thanks Ziven, works great!
Any idea why i cant translate the text of MY ACCOUNT, MY WISHLIST etc? When i change it in dutch preview, it should be: MIJN ACCOUNT, MIJN VERLANGLIJST etc.

When i change it via inline frontend, it does change, but it changes each language. Is there a csv missing?
Thanks again!

Profile photo of Dion Wegman 370.00 $tone August 3, 2016

Hi Ziven,
I found out why the translation didnt work well. When i select Store View Specific when changing text in ducth, the inline frontend does work well. 
You can forget my last question and dont put any time in it please :).
Thanks again!


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