the slideshow description is not showing

I have installed the quickstart techzone and using the craft demo setting. I am trying new slides on the home page first but the descriptions are not showing.
[desc img=”slide01.jpg” url=”” title=”slide01.jpg” target=”_self”]
<h2>Hot Collections</h2><br/><h3>Handmade Gifts</h3><br/><h4>made your life beatifull with our gifts</h4>
The url is
I have cleared all cache and re indexed.
Am I missing something as I  have used another of your themes before and not had a problem.

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Hi altemporal,
Please fill correct the image file’s name in short code. example in your case: [desc img=”slid1_1920_648.jpg” …
Have a look and let me know if you need further assistance!


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