Ub megamenu bug / fails to load style

Dear people,

I have installed crafts and the recommended three extensions. Unfortunatly, the styles won`t show on the page, it`s pure text:
It seems that the template won`t work correctly with the Ub megamenu. Undefined fontsize may be the problem??
How can I get rid of the error?
Thanks for any help,

This is the error message:
Compilation from source:

Compilation from source:
variable @font-size-base is undefined in file
in _horizontal.less on line 361, column 30
359|                 margin-bottom: 0;
360|                 &-title {
361|                   font-size: @font-size-base;
362|                   float: left;
363|                   font-weight: @font-weight__bold;
364|                   padding: 0;

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 85890.00 $tone April 8, 2017

Hi There,
Please go to the file kunden/520118_14469/webseiten/dekozeit.com/var/view_preprocessed/css/frontend/Ubertheme/crafts_default/de_DE/Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu/css/source/module/_horizontal.less and change like below:
fine all: @font-size-base and change to @font-size_base 
and please re-compile the LESS. If this still can’t resolve please send me the SSH and FTP i will help you fix it.
Best Regards,


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