Remove “gear button” settings bar.

I don’t want users to have the option of changing color or layout of the store. How can I remove the “gear” button. I want to lock “gift store” as the default theme.

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    Unfortunately this didn't work. Disabling all the "featured" static blocks just removes the content of the sliding panel, but the gear button still showing up. "crafts" as Demo Theme, didn't change the theme at all, as seen on the screen shot.

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Please go to admin and disable the statics block like this(admin->cms->static block):
Default theme: Please go to the admin -> System -> Configuration -- > Joomlart -> Demo Theme Settings -> Settings Demo and set the craft  like the image
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I’ve finally made the sliding panel disappear.
For all wanting to get rid of the “gear button” and the sliding panel; go to (in this case I’m using Crafts template):
Here, you will find these files
Invalidate the following code from each file enclosing it in <-- --> in this way you don’t have to delete it en case you want to revert the change.

<div id="jm-featured" class="has-toggle">
        <div class="btn-toggle featured-toggle"><i class="fa fa-gear">&nbsp;</i></div>
        <div class="inner-toggle">
            <?php Mage::app()->cleanCache(array("BLOCK_HTML"));?>
            <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('ub-crafts-featured-sidebar')->toHtml() ?>

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