Update Menu Item's Select a Category dropdown box.

I purchased Megamall for Magento.
I deployed Megamall Quickstart, everything looks good.
I edit Mega Menu Groups items by renaming the items’ name to reflect my store. The changes show correctly in the Categories Block in the main page.
However, when I edit the menu item, the “select a category” dropdown box still show the old entries, my new (just edited) entries are no where to be found.
I have some screenshots but I don’t know how I can post them here. I can send them to you via email upon request. Please help.
Thank you

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 92660.00 $tone June 3, 2015

I am sorry for not getting your points. It would be awesome if you can possibly include URL of your site and a screenshot with detailed explanation. I am happy to help you out.
Also: I wonder whether you did purchase this theme on our site ubertheme.com or via Themeforest?
Best Regard,

Profile photo of Ziven Staff 92660.00 $tone June 4, 2015

Hi Kevin,
Please PM me your site’s url, admin and ftp credentials, I’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting.
Also: Please stay one message from themeforest.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of Kevin Tran 110.00 $tone June 5, 2015

Hi Ziven,
What is the status on this? I need to know so I can start adding inventory.
Currently I suspended all my activities because I worry it would confuse you, but I have not seen any changes from you yet.
Please response. Thank you.

Profile photo of Kevin Tran 110.00 $tone June 6, 2015

Hi Ziven,
Please simply let me know whether or not you are working on this. If you are not intended to work on it, let me know. I will try to do it myself.
If this whole thing is about getting me to write a comment on Themeforest.com then I did it, I wrote a comment there.
I am trying to add my inventory, I will add it one way or another, but I cannot simply wait without knowing, so far you have not answered any of my PMs or the questions here.
Please response.

Profile photo of Kevin Tran 110.00 $tone June 8, 2015

Hi Kan,
I disabled Ziven’s account due to no response and not being helpful. I have no problem if someone simply would say “I can’t do it” but it would be an issue if I can’t get a response. I have a business to run, it can’t depend on Ziven’s competency or lack thereof.
I solved the problem yesterday. Thanks for your concern.

Profile photo of tuan le van 11570.00 $tone June 8, 2015

Hi Kevin,
I apologise for my late response. You could contact to me if you need further help.
I’m so sorry.
Best regards,
Kan Lee


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