Where to upload custom payment method

Hello guys!

I am using JM-Trex

here is my site http://npremier.com/

I being looking at magentocommerce,com and youtube for a tutorial and instructions to where (path) to store a custom payment method..

I was forced to look for a custom payment method, which I have here, http://npremier.com/archivos/magentopaymentmethod/

this is ziped file.. which I try to install using magento connect tool to install modules, but seems not to respond..
I am trying to understand, where normally custom payment modules should be uploaded to? I also try by uploading as extracted structure into /app/code/local/ folder, but also this not seems to work..

can someone please give me a clue on where to put it, or the way to make it apear?

this payment method seems to be Threestep method, so it is a comercial Payment Method.

best regards to all.

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Hi rcerrato,

I think the custom method is a magento module so you can install it as any other megento extensions, make sure you disable caches to see the change after you did installing, you can take a look at this guide.
If still you are not sure how to get it installed it’s better if you contact the module author to get valuable advice


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