Why can't I access my downloads?

I have bought a Magento package today but the links in the welcome email keep breaking and when I eventually get to my downlaod section after many attempts I get a page not find when I hit download.  Have I just bought a website package from someone who’s own website doesn’t work?  Not a great start……

  1. Profile photo of Martin DavyMartin Davy 260.00 $tone January 22, 2015
    Thanks for your reply. I have tried different browser and just tried connecting through a different network at home and have the same problem. Your main wisn't loading properly (lots of missing images) and the download still doesn't work. I purchased another package from you a few days ago and that worked fine. I haven't changed anything since so it makes no sense to me why it won't work this time? Are you sure you are not having server issues your end?

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100460.00 $tone January 22, 2015

Hi martin, 
Thank for purchased two themes from us. I have try connect to download and see working fine. I see you bought two themes from us. Please try connect and download again. Maybe your network or browser have problem.
Best regards,


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