Why Mega Menu is not displayed every time?

my problem with Mega Menu is that sometimes the menù is not displayed. The Html code relative to the block of menù is not loaded.
Is not a problem relative to a single page because on the same page sometimes is loaded and sometimes is not loaded.
This problem is aggravated by full page cache because if the page without menù is saved, the menù will no longer appear to this page until the cache will be refreshed.
I don’t understand why sometimes is displayed and sometimes no. This issue occurs frequently when I open many pages in the same moment.
Please, can you help me?

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 Hi Loren,
I am sorry for not getting your points. It would be awesome if you can possibly include URL of your site and a screenshot with detailed explanation. I am happy to help you out.
PS: I wonder whether you did purchase this theme on our site ubertheme.com or via Themeforest?
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven, 
my website is http://world.pipeaporter.com
Here you can see a screenshot without menu https://imageshack.com/i/hlfnZ4ECp
Here it is how it should be https://imageshack.com/i/paiUE6Dgp
I purchased theme Lingerie on ubertheme.com

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Hi lorenzopap,
While our team detects the root of issue, kindly help to provide us with your payment detail (via private message). We could not keep track any payment associated with your profile. 
An Nguyen


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