Installed MegaMenu, not appearing in Admin

I installed MegaMenu for our Magento 2 CE/Open Source store. I followed the manual instructions in the documentation and everything appeared to install fine. After the installation, I logged back into the admin area and unfortunately could not continue the set up. The “Ubertheme” menu does not appear under the Content menu and there is not an UberTheme menu in my setting area. It also does not appear in my module manager. I have tried clearing all caches and recompiling Magento.

  • Running CE/OpenSource 2.2.1
  • Theme: Luma
  • Other modules installed from Amasty (Product Grid) and WeltPixel (CarouselSlider, which I hope to get rid of it I can get the UberTheme modules working!) that are working normally.


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Hi There,

Running CE/OpenSource 2.2.1
Theme: Luma

I checked our UB Mega Menu on a Magento 2.2.1 instance at my end, and everything is working fine. 
Did you see any error message when installing, especially when running installation command line (as per our guide)? 
Please provide me the following credentials of your Magento 2 instance, I will debug further and help you out: 

  • URL and admin credentials of your Magento 2 instance
  • SSH credentials. And let us know the path of your web root folder

PS. Please mark your reply as a private one, then you’re safe to share your site credential in this thread. Only you and our technical team can access. 
Best Regards,

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I appreciate the offer of help, but I figured out what was going on. Oddly, at the time I was installing the extension, my host was moving us to a new server unexpectedly. So, I was still connected to the old one via FTP and SSH,showing the module installed, but the back end of the site was on the new server and showing it wasn’t installed. 
Odd that I picked that exact time to try and install!
Many thanks!

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Hi there,
Glad you figured it out at your end. 
In case you have any additional question when using our product, please get back to us here or submit a new ticket.
We’re eager to see how UB Mega Menu is all set up once it’s live on your site. 
Ubertheme team


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