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I have been playing around with the UB Data migration pro for a little while now and I felt that everything was great until late last week when I started testing some of the Magento functionality.  
From what I can tell everything is functioning fine but one thing. When you login as a customer and look at your My Orders tab you will be greeted with a message “You have placed no orders.”
This account that I used has a bunch of orders, so I then created a new account, placed an order and this account also has the “You have placed no orders.”
What should I check, I feel there may be a disconnect between the store and the customer account? As in the customer may be somehow linked to another store that is why the orders are not showing up. 

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Hi there,

 so I then created a new account, placed an order and this account also has the “You have placed no orders.”

For that reason, I think the issue you mentioned relates to Magento’s core functions or third-party extension (if any) in your instance only.
Please provide me information about your instance below:
+ Admin credentials and URL to back-end
+ SSH credentials and path to M2 folder
+ A migrated customer credentials 

I will help to check further and get back to you then.

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Hey we are just getting back into the migration, it’s taking longer than we anticipated and keep getting sidetracked with other security-related tasks for our existing M1 site.  
I wanted to be 100% done and moved over by now but we are still having the weird issue with the migrated customers not having any orders? 
Have you guys updated the project since we last spoke, I took a look at my downloads and it seems we ran out of download support for this plugin. 

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Hi there,
We’ve just replied to you via email regarding your subscription. Please check and follow up further with us there. 
Ubertheme team

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Migrated users are still having issues, and I can not download the latest whats up! I mean if your going to sell a product you need to provide updates to that software as it may solve my problem with users and accessing their orders. 

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Hi Wade,
The access to download and technical support is available for all active subscriptions. You can still use the old copy of UB Data Migration Pro that you did download though. 
Anyway, we’ve just clarified in further details via email, kindly check. 
Ubertheme team


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