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My 404 page isn’t working and I can’t find where it is controlled in the backend?

Example: http://cfmsample1.co.uk/wrong.html

This just gives an oops link broken error in the browser.

Any help much appreciated


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Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone October 20, 2014

I clicked your link and up came a very nice/colorful 404 Page.

What browser are you viewing your site in? Perhaps it’s a browser specific issue

Profile photo of Wayne Farnworth 290.00 $tone October 20, 2014

Hello Tom, thanks for the reply.

I am using IE11. I have cleared the cache but problem remains.
Sometimes I get an oops page other times I get what you can see in the screenshot ss1.jpg

Also on mobile the 404 does show but is messed up -- 2nd screenshot



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