According Slider not work

why accordin slider not work?n how to make tabs like on products?
i use this code

{{block  type="joomlart_jmproducts/list" name="jmproducts.accordion" title="JM Products With Accordion Slider" accordionslider=1 quanlity=5 quanlityperpage=5 perrow=5 max=150}}

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Profile photo of Mall Staff 98560.00 $tone January 13, 2015

Hi phandy chandra:
You can PM me the FTP & Admin credentials of your site in a private reply.
Also, you can show Block Jm Products with accordion slider by bellow block code as a example:

{{block type="joomlart_jmproducts/list" name="home.jmproducts.list" title="Best Selling Home decoration and arrangement" mode="latest" accordionslider=1 quanlity=5 quanlityperpage=5 perrow=5 catsid="10"}}



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