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We would like to activate your theme Flannel again on our site, because we are told it should work again under Magento 1.9.1 we installed the template again, but stil have an issue, with I think Megamenu.
It is visual to activate (system/configuration/joomlart), but it is not visuals so we can build the menu (Joomlart). Can you advise us wich files we should install on our site? Flannel Theme for Magento 1.8 of the other one Flannel Theme?
In the old version we were using JmMegamenu.v1.2.7in the version we just downloaded again the version is Megamenu.v1.2.4
regards Ron

  1. Profile photo of Ron TermeerRon Termeer 190.00 $tone October 10, 2014
    These files are included in the 2 differtent versionsVersion downloaded via Joomlart last year.
    JmBasetheme 1.1.8
    JmCategoryList 1.1.5
    JMSlideshowv2 1.1.4
    JmProductSlider 2.1.3
    JmProductDeal 1.0.2
    JmProducts 1.3.0
    JmMegamenu 1.2.7
    JmMasshead 1.0.1
    JmQuickview 1.1.5

    Version downloaden via Ubertheme right now.
    Basetheme 1.1.7
    CategoryList 1.1.5
    SlideShow 1.1.2
    ProductSlider 2.1.0
    Product Deal 1.0.2
    Products 1.2.9
    Megamenu 1.2.4
    Masshead 1.0.1
    Quickview 1.1.1

    I saw on your site (Ubertheme) there are differtent versions aswell.Can you help us out to get our site working with your theme?Regards Ron

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Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone October 13, 2014

Dear Ron,
There are some mistakes with our site system. We’ve fixed it. Please re-check and re-download to instal theme Flannel on your site.
If your site still has this problem, kindly PM me your site’s url, admin and ftp credentials (in private), I’ll help to check it.
Seoki Lee

Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone October 14, 2014

Hi Ron,
Please re-check version of theme and extension on our site, it must be like:
Also, I’ve checked on your site via its back-end and I couldn’t find some extensions like BaseTheme, Mega Menu, Product Deal. Kindly double check this issue.
Seoki Lee


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