awful to setup ! How can I have a standard menu ?

This megamenu is nice looking but awful to setup :
When a link is needed, it is too difficult to choose the link because if you change something in the product’s or category’s URL, this link is obsolete.

I have a site with 3 shops (French/english/italian)
Then the best would be to select only categories or cms pages to link to. But on the french shop, THAT DOESN’T WORK because whatever the link you click, you get only a 404 error page with a URL from the English shop !
Is this possible to correct this on the spot ?

I hope so. If not,I need to have a standard horinzontal menu, automatically based on the categories.

I have tried to disable megamenu but when I do this, I get a simply ugly menu.

Could you help me ?

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone February 2, 2014

If your site is multil languages/stores, you would need to create each menu group for each language/store, then create menu items to assign to those groups.

Have you had menu group per each language/store?


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