Cart Item Count and Drop Down Not accurate – Cache problem?


I am using supercache and sometime a customer will get on the site and the cart info on the header will be different for each category or section on the site. The drop down cart info will also be wrong.. If the click on the cart it will be right.

I reproduced the error myself. added products from different categories and then went back and forth between categories and the cart total was different. even zero sometimes.

Is there a way to make sure the header cart info does not cache?


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Thank you. I checked with SiteGround my hosting company that provides Supercache and the Magento extension and the Dynamic cache option works for Magento but not with some themes. So if you turn off the Dynamic Cache option it still caches the Static content while letting the mini cart to show accurately. So anyone else using Supercache and the Magento extension check to see if the item count on the front page works correctly, if the drop down mini cart has the correct products and also that when you add a product it really adds to the cart.. If any of these things are not working correctly try turning off the dynamic cache option of the program. I have not really noticed a site speed decrease with it off. Hope this helps.


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