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Is it possible to change the effects/transitions used with the homepage slider? The homepage slider’s transitions are a bit dated, and I would like to use something more lively and modern.

The transition I wanted to have built in is like the following:…example_3.html

You can see what I have now by going to:

Thanks for your time.

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Profile photo of Phill Luckhurst 0.00 $tone December 4, 2011

Not easy. The library used for this is the same library as Joomla uses, namely MooTools. Currently that transition type is not available for MooTools. JA would have to completely re-write the code to use the jQuery lib which really is not a route IMHO they should be going down.

Profile photo of Daniel Pegues 0.00 $tone December 4, 2011

That’s fine. Thanks Phill. I was not aware that the slider they used in the EasyShop Magento template was MooTools. Perhaps that is the conflict I have in my site Everything else I use utilizes jQuery, and I’ve had to use the jQuery.noConflict(); so that everything works fine.

I will perhaps put something together then and program it up for Magento.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day.


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