Color Swatch Feature Missing

-- I installed Bookshop package on Magento CE, then I can not see Color Swatch feature work properly with this theme. It only shows Color with Dropdown List, not Color Patern.
-- Color Swatch is a new and best feature of Magento (Core Feature). URL:
Please help me upgrade Bookshop to show this core feature. I do not mention to JM Color Swatch.
Thank you!

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    If possible also Mago themes!

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Hi Tico.
Could you please give me your username associated with your paid membership for further checking? as I could not see any paid membership in our system.

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Hi Sang,
Color Swatch Feature is for Magento Now Bookshop is compatible with magento only so that we need time to upgrade the theme to make it compatible with new version of magento. We will let you know right after new package exported
Hope you understand.
Best regards,


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