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When you put the mouse over any menu item, there is an effect with a black background with opacity. I’ve looked for this opacity and transition effect both in styles.css and jmmegamenu.css whithout success.

How can I disable this effect? I only want to show child items.

Thank you!

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To which menu items are you referring?

It would be helpful if you could provide the url of the site you’re working on, as well as identify which menu item(s) you are seeing this effect.

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You can open the skin/front-end/default/jm_crafts/js/jm.script.js file, then find and remove the following code block:

HTML Code:

           if(jQuery("#jmoverlay").length <= 0){
				jmoverlay = jQuery('<div id="jmoverlay" class="jmoverlay"></div>'); 
				jmoverlay.appendTo('#ja-header .main');

Let me know if it helps.


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