Configurable Products showing Out of Stock

I have Magento 1.7

I created some Configurable products with two attributes for customers to select from

I see two issues:

1. The Configurable product shows up for customers but it says "Out of Stock"

2. In the admin, when I am editing the Configurable products…in the "Associated Products" section….I don’t see the associated simple products I created.
I know they were created because I can see the simple products created through Configurable Products in
Catalog > Mange Products.

BTW, the issue seems to be exactly the same as the one mentioned on this forum.…thread/298155/

Also, I have set the InStock, Quantity available etc all correctly.
Yet it shows "Out of Stock"

Has anyone seen this happen?

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Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone May 22, 2014

Please check your attributes (size and color) again, apply them to select “simple product” and “configurable product”, not only configurable product.


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