Coupon / Discount Codes Not Working

I have Magento 1.61.0 with JM EasyShop

I created a coupon code.
Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules
I read through…-do-i-use-them

To test I go to my shop as a customer and entered the "Discount Code" and clicked the [Apply Coupon] button and I cannot see any change in price or anything that shows what a discount was applied.

The Status is Active.
Customer Groups > Not Logged In, General etc. all are highlighted.
Coupon > Specific Coupon
Coupon Code > Mickey
From / To Dates are valid

I setup the rest of the cofig also correctly (I believe).

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone April 5, 2012

Thanks for the reply Chavan,

Yes, I flushed ALL the Cache (All 4 orange buttons).
I refreshed everything.

Still nothing’s happening.
It says "Coupon Code "……" was applied." but I don’t see any change in the pricing.


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