Default colour as blue?

Is this possible?
My store/products are more suited to the blue colour so i would like this to be the default colour for new visitors.

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cjmicro 0.00 $tone February 17, 2009

If blue is a template option you can usually choose that in your template parameters.

extensions/templates/ then choose your template, and choose the color option. If there is no blue color option, you wlil have to edit instances of the color you want to replace in the template.css file (extensions/templates/yourtemplate/css/template.css


Profile photo of JA Developer 0.00 $tone February 18, 2009

To solve this issue, please open ja_vars.php file in app\design\frontend\default\jm_puritytemplate\pag e folder, at about line 28, find following code:

PHP Code:

$_params->set('ja_color','default');//default, red, blue 

and change to:

PHP Code:

$_params->set('ja_color','blue');//default, red, blue 

Hope it helps.


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