Discount Code not working

I have Magento CE 1.8.1

I have created a 10%Off discount code.

If I put in the code 10PercentOff in the discount code form during checkout…I see some process happening but then I don’t see any price changes.

If I put a code that does not exist….eg "64sdf654645asdf"….again I see nothing happen. Not even a warning that says "Hey, that code is wrong".

Any suggestion?


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Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone June 2, 2014

Do you mean a MySQL table or a section in the checkout page that shows total?

I have a couple of extensions including 2 image gallery extensions and the Fooman speedster extension.

Nothing big.

I believe you have my ftp and admin information.

Please suggest.


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If you put wrong coupon, the error message should appear. On your site, this message is hidding by css.

To get fixed, please open file /skin/frontend/default/jm_megamall/css/styles.css at line 281, remove this code:


#jm-main .messages {
    display: none;

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