exporting products produces the wronf URL

Hi there. Im having a few issues with the export feature of the layered navigation plugin. It appears to be generating URLs that link to the product in the admin instead of on the front end when I click export. 
Studying the pub/ub-layered-navigation/( some numbers ).json files…. I can see the incorrect URLs in there. I suspect it has something to do with store IDs or a general magento config issue.
Can you help? 

"7306-1": {
"id": 4510,
"sku": "7306-1",
"type": "simple",
"name": "USB Receiver for Wireless Data Transfer System (7306 Series)",
"thumbnail": "pub\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/\/beff4985b56e3afdbeabfc89641a4582\/W\/i\/Wireless_Data_Receiver-1.jpg",
"price": 10,
"minimal_price": 10,
"frontend_price": "<span class=\"price\">\u00a310.00<\/span>",
"url": "admin_16vco2\/catalog\/product\/view\/id\/4510\/s\/usb-receiver-for-wireless-data-transfer-system-7306-series\/key\/3ad675682b1d6c5c2cb26e001727dbfd35b52836923c401a6a4ad4c7e891d9fd\/",


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Hi benconvey,
I need a closer look to detect the root of issue as you said. Let’s provide the admin and root SSH credentials and web root folder path of your Magento2.


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