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I’m migrating template (jm_painite x jm_siotis) and I’m facing some problems:

Link to feature products, when you click on the ‘view all’, error occurs on the second page.

* The place of social links, is also all off with large fonts.

Any tips?

Thank you.


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone May 15, 2013

Hi spiked,

Did you create a product attribute featured and set this attribute for several products ? if you are migrating two themes I think you should install a quickstart of Jm siotis as a sample to follow and make right configs for your existing site.

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I just remove my old site and I did the full install. Unfortunately I lost my data. I just believe that when released a new template, it could be more flexible for installation(upgrade template) without having to be at quickstart


Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone May 16, 2013

Hi spiked,

if you don’t want start with a quickstart you can follow the theme’s userguide here to install the theme and extensions came along with it, make right settings for those extensions then go to back-end switch the default theme to the new theme, I think it’s not too much complicated

Profile photo of evksp 0.00 $tone May 16, 2013

actually, I followed the instructions, I did everything according to the manuals .. then changed the subject as indicated. The problem is that some things began to fail, they began to collide settings. I suggest that you install a theme jm_painite and then try installing jm_siotis .. you will be able to detect the problems that I mentioned in the posts.

It seems that we are talking about an obvious, but in practice it is not, sorry.

Thank you.

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone May 16, 2013

still on userguides them have errors in the instructions to a user more layman it can generate some posts to request help without

In some cases, correct the error in writing, the image just stops working (twitter)

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Hi spiked,

Can you point me out more details the problems having with the userguide ?


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