Flat Catalog Product leads to a critical problem


I have ~17000 products in catalog.

If i enable Flat Catalog Product mode, module doesn’t appear anymore.

I tried to solve the problem myself and finally came to these lines:


PHP Code:

"_reviewed_order_table.store_id=$storeId AND _reviewed_order_table.entity_pk_value=e.entity_id",

The module dies after this line if Flat Catalog Product mode is enabled. Shop still works, but doesn’t show the module.

php memory limit is set to 812M

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I’ll follow you in BIQ-582-73223, please close other tickets. I have received your info. Thanks for giving it. I have checked and seen that you forgot to reindex data after change products and category to flat type. Please go to admin -> system -> index manager and click to submit button. I have done this for you and now the category list works well.

Please tell me if you need more help.

Thank you.

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No, it doesn’t work!

It works only for "latest product" and "most viewed". if i choose "most reviewed" it doesn’t show up. i have "most reviewed" module in cms block named "position-10". If i remove the module from the block it works fine, if i put it again, module doesn’t work at all (even html).

The problem is here

"_reviewed_order_table.store_id=$storeId AND _reviewed_order_table.entity_pk_value=e.entity_id" ,

Also there is a similar problem with Product Slider if i choose any variant different from "latest procucts"

1. full-page cache still works even if you "disable" it in the cache manager. so please "refresh" this "Magento Booster" option in the cache management.

2. position-10 renders on the top the second column (under videos) on the home page.

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It’s all the same, You didn’t fix anything. If I use "most-reviewed" option and Flat Catalog Product mode the JmCategoryList module doesn’t show up. For example in in Static Block "position10" (top in the second column on the home page). If i choose any other option it works. Please fix it a soon as possible. Why does it take so long?


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