How to enable Megamenu animation?

Hi there,
I have a Magento CE 1.9 with Trex theme but the Megamenu animation type is not working. Exist any way in order to set up the animation? I changed the effect on backend several times and refresh the cache and flush the cache but not working.
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Hi Juan,
Because the MegaMenu in Trex has been overwrite and missing the CSS. Please go to the file: skin\frontend\base\default\joomlart\jmmegamenu\css\jmmegamenu.css at line 436 to end the file and copy it to end the file: skin\frontend\default\jm_trex\joomlart\jmmegamenu\css\jmmegamenu.css
Hope it will help you.
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Hi Ziven,
It works! but with a little problem with the “overflow” property of each effect that hidden the categories level2 and later. Please check this if it is possible for you.


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