How to have “Show Sidebar” ON – (Hide Sidebar) when page is load? (instead of having it close, I means you should click to ii “Show Sidebar” in order to see that column?

Here is a screenshot of default  position of “Show Sidebar” it is OFF:
Here is a screenshot when is ON and I would like to have open “Sidebar” as default value when page is load!?
How I can do that?

Here is an link of that page:

I tried to play around with Custom Design of that page, but it was unsuccessful, here is an link/image of that page as well:

Let me know what is a trick?

Thank you,

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Hi Brank,
Please try go to the file: \app\design\frontend\default\jm_leathercraft\template\catalog\layer\view.phtml and remove the code from line 82 -> 105.
and the sidebar will alway show up.
Best Regards,


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