how to remove box at top of categories

when navigating to a category page, there is a box at the top with "display options"…such as "show per page", "sort by position" etc…this box is also at the bottom of each page…

How to remove from top position?

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Wall Crasher 0.00 $tone July 19, 2012

Hi mneese_mag,

I will answer your question. Please follow these steps below:
1. Open \app\design\frontend\default\jm_zitetemplate\cata log\product\list.phtml
2. Comment out line 42 <?php //echo $this->getToolbarHtml() ?>
3. Save, clear cache and try again.

Hope it helps.


Wall Crasher 0.00 $tone July 20, 2012

Hi mneese_mag,

I am sorry but it is yes. Because that toolbar is visible in our concept. But it is simple to modify.
You can update Magento to version 1.7.2. You just need to update magento core, it will not touch the template and what you have modified (not the magento core).



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