How to translate the words "Next"and "Previous"

I am using the Crafts theme. Not all items seems to be translated after adding the right language files. Some must be done via the inline translation. So far so good, but than there’s this screen showing product details providing the beautiful option to scroll true the items by clicking upper left on “Next” or “Previous”. I am wondering how to translate these 2 words?

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Hi Hamed,
I am sorry for not getting your points. It would be awesome if you can possibly include URL of your site and a screenshot with detailed explanation. I am happy to help you out.
Best Regards,

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Please have a look at this image. The items i like to translate are shown in the yellow spots

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Hi Hamed,
Please try to download the file and make new language like you want:
this is the CSV file. you must create new folder for your language and translate it.
Best Regards.


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