I've installed at instructed but…

the site does not appear as it should.  I’m not able to configure the masshead extension to show, the layout is not correct (even though I’ve listed 2 column left bar everywhere it could be).  Is there more detailed install instructions that I’m just not finding? I feel like I’ve been left to try blindly to figure this out.

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Hi Kayloma,
I’m sorry about this issue you see. I’m not sure the issue you see now. Please try see this docs maybe it will help you make more like you want. http://www.ubertheme.com/docs/casual/
Please let me know if you need help further.
Best Regards,

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I have done a clean new install of magento just to be sure that my base & default files were not altered in any way prior to installing casual.  I’m not really seeing any differences.  I’m lost as to what I could be doing wrong at this point as I did and currently am following the docs for casual install step by step with the exception of the quick install since this is an existing site.  Please help as the site is a total mess!  kaylomacandles.com

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Hi Kay,
I see the site still not in the Casual, Please active it in the admin like the document. If you can’t do, please buy services from us. We will help perfectly. https://www.ubertheme.com/magento-custom-services/
Please let me know what you are thinking. 
Best Regards,

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I purchased the install services and am now being told that the site already exists and your theme will need to be installed on a new site with a new database. This makes no sense since that would not be an existing store. Please help!


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