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I have used the General Installation guide and uploaded magento theme to my server. I then logged into Magento and changed package to "default" and set the theme to "jm_megamall". Following this, the frontend is just blank.

Backend is accessible and I can change the theme back, however even after changing back to previous default theme, nothing is displayed. I have to restore my server image and then it I can see the default theme again. Again, setting it to jm_megamall results in a blank frontend.

Can you please tell me what the problem is? or if I am missing something obvious?

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Further update. I have re-imaged the complete server. Only installed magento, loaded the template and still the same issue.

New URL:

Changed package to "Default" and "default theme to "JM_megamall". Once config is saves, the front end does not display anything.

I would appreciate some urgent assistance, so this can be resolved asap.


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Hi Gemini,
Maybe your hosting have been problem Or when install you are wrong some step. 
I have check this package and it working fine. 
If you don’t know and can’t do it please buy services from us for install only 49$. 
Best regards,


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