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I am trying to configure JM Products with JM Painite Magento theme. JM Products works fine when # Number of items/rows (or columns) = 1
However, if you change it to any other values, it displays the content in an ugly manner. I request you to look into this. I do not want "Add to cart", add to compare and add to wishlist. Description can be reduced to 60 characters. It looks like CSS issue.

Even after removing "Add to cart", add to compare, wishlist and description, it is not rendering css properly

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The issue is solved. The problem was with the file app/design/frontend/default/jm_painite/template/joomlart/jmproducts/list.phtml

Replaced ordered list and its elements with a table and data. Simply replace <ol> tags with <table> and <li> with <td>


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