JM Product Slider – Not working on some browsers (IE8)

We have successfully installed the JM Irisite theme on our site -- -- and configured everything including the JM Product Slider.

Whilst everything seems to work as expected on most browsers, the product slider does not seem to work on some browers -- mainly ie7 and ie8.

I presume this may be due to a jQuery conflict and have tried a couple things to fix.

Can anyone recommend a potential fix for this problem?


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Profile photo of Jonathan Daddia 0.00 $tone January 14, 2013

I took a look at your site in ie8 and ie7 also but did not see the mentioned problem, Do you manage to get it fixed ?

That’s strange! I have been told it works for some people on ie8 and not others.

The only thing I changed is that I added jQuery.noConflict(); to the page head.

There are still some of our users that cannot see the product slider. I’m not sure why.


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