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I had to reinstall my site, and when I initially installed my site I needed you to install the JM Products Spotlight. I looked at the extensions section under the downloads part of the website, and the JM Products Spotlight is not posted. Can you please post the JM Products Spotlight as I need to reinstall it to my site.

Also, can you please PM me the link where I can download the JM Products Spotlight?

Thank you for your time.

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Hello again. I wanted to ask again if someone could tell me where JM Products Spotlight is located. Is it in one of the packages or is it available for download?

Someone please kindly reply soon about this.

Thanks for your time.

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Can someone please tell me where I go to download the JM Products Spotlight?

It is not available in the Quickstart that I have, and it is not in the list of downloadable extensions here at JoomlArt.


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