JM quickview not displaying at Firefox and Chrome in Ubuntu Linux


I’m a developer who works with Ubuntu Linux Desktop. Currently v14.04 LTS. Recently I installed JM Crafts in one of our development domains for a project.

The first thing after the install of the quickinstall package is that we get few Console errors while loading the homepage. It seems that the ordering of the javascripts is not correct, because it calls jquery functions before the jquery.js library is loaded. Not big deal, edit the head.phtml file of the template and change the place where the jquery.js file is called, put it before all other scripts.

Second thing is the use of an obsolete call of to the function .live() wich throws an error, as the default jquery.js library included with the theme in version 1.10, and that function is no loger supported. So we changed it by the funcion .on() with the required parameters. No problem up to here..

Third thing is that QuickView extension is not working on our development browsers: Firefox and Chrome (on ubuntu). No matter what we do and what forum posts we folow, IT DOES NOT WORK on our browsers. I tried the demo site and some sites on the internet with the extension installed, but no luck, we don’t see QuickView in action.

What could it be? a Css problem? a js problem? Can I have a solution?

However, @Mall pointed us to try our installation with another broser and OS, so we tested with MAC and Safari, and yes, it was working there…

I’m just a little dissapointed with this, as we spent quite a lot of time fixing this issues, and we still have not solution for the quickview. Can you find a solution for us? if not: can we get the money back for the template?

I’m sure you can reproduce this errors on your own sites, so you may not need access ftp or admin access to our domain with the quickinstall crafts installed. It will be very easy to check your own demo site with a legacy Ubuntu 14.04 or similar and Firefox or Chrome browser.

PS: I re-downloaded jm crafts today and re-installed into the test domain to see if there was some change, but not, it is still not working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Please send me some screenshots illustrating issues of JM Quickview from browsers on your computer with Ubuntu 14.04.
I will check further this issue for you.

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Thanks the point is that it only works for layout-wide and wide-extra, not in layout-normal or tablet, which is what I normally use. So I thought it was not working. Sorry about that.

Is it there any way to make it to work in normal-layout < 1235px or tablet layout width?

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REMARK: Quickview works perfectly well on our browsers with ubuntu. But only when the browser window is bigger than 1235px.
Is it there any way to make it to work for layout-normal (986px -- 1235px) and layout-tablet (720px -- 985px)?

Thank you.

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Please go to the file: skin\frontend\default\jm_crafts\css\layout-normal.css at line 205 and remove this code


.jmquickview {
  display: none !important;

and the file : skin\frontend\default\jm_crafts\css\layout-tablet.css at line 52 and remove this code

.jmquickview {
display: none !important;

The quickview will work fine.


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