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Hello everybody,

i had installed the JM Skates Theme. It looks realy good, but i have a few small problems with it.

1. In the footer section, there are normaly 4 rows. The row on the right side, including position-11, position-12, position-13 will not displayed at my installation. The blocks are created correct, and the source is also correct, i could copy&paste it to position-8 for example, and then it shows up at this section, but i could not get the original positions working.

2. The slideshow for the header, images should be stored in /media/jmslideshow, i had configured this in the backend. If i put any picture in this folder, the slideshow displays the " 1010_573" standard image. if i leave the dir emty, the slideshow disables, but if i put any picture in the folder there will be shown not the pictures in the folder, but the " 1010_573" standard image again.

3. The top menue, if i put a subcat into the default cat, then the subcats will show in the header, but without any new subfolders, so the showing up menu when mouse over any menue point will not be there.

4. Photo album will not be displayed, but is correctly installed, i guess, since it is configurable in the backend.

5. Taps extension will show up the menue on top (hot, latest arrivals, featured…) but no products there.

Any help would be very welcome,

best regards,

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hi fabian,

1. This is backend settings for block in position-8:
You should click Show/Hide editor then paste code inside:


<div class="col-2">
<div class="block block-customer">
<div class="block-title"><strong><span>Customer Care</span></strong></div>
<div class="block-content">
<ul class="list">
<li><a title="Customer Services" href="#">Customer Services</a></li>
<li><a title="Testimonials" href="#">Testimonials</a></li>
<li><a title="Easy Returns" href="#">Easy Returns</a></li>
<li><a title="Our Stores" href="#">Our Stores</a></li>
<li><a title="Local Stores" href="#">Local Stores</a></li>
<li><a title="FAQs" href="#">FAQs</a></li>

More about module position here
2. After changing images, you should flush all magento cache, if you are in development stage, you should disable all cache.

3. In Backend > Catalog > Manage Categories > Choose your category > General information tab and check whether it is active and include in navigation menu or not:

4. You can take a look at this guide to see how we config for demo site

5. Each of these 4 tabs is a static block, please check content in these static blocks. For example with Hot tab in demo site, its backend is:

Hope this helps.

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Hi Saguaros,

thanks for your answer, i now have the "taps" and slideshow working.

the solutions for

2. There was no magento chaching problem, since it was disabled. as image folder media/jmslideshow/ (1.jpg) (folder a) was given, but the pictures was taken from media/resized/media/jmslideshow/ (1_1010_573.jpg) (folder b) the resize of the pictures is done only if folder b will not exists. then the folder will be created,a hnd the pictures will be resized. if i change now the pictures in folder a, this has no effect to the pictures in folder b. if i make folder a emty, the slideshow disables. the solution is to delete folder b, then put the pictures in folder a… …maybe this is a bug in the extension itself…

5. my error, there was a div tag around the static block, becouse not disabled the editor here….

still unsolved is point 1,3,4 i will explain a bit more, since i think there is a missunderstanding also…

1. the static blocks are created correct, also without the editor… the problem is, that positions 11,12,13(static blocks, created and with code..) will not displayed (in the theme), position 8 is correct, also with the correct code. i only had tested to copy the static block 11 into 8 for example to check if there is a problem with the given html for block 11,12,13, but it is fine…

3. sorry to say, that the categories are all active and included into the navigation, but no subcats will be displayed…

4. photoalbum will also ne be displayed, but installed correct, done 1-1 from the manual…

any ideas are very welcome!

best regards,


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Hi fabian again,

It would be great if you can help me with the followings:

1. PM me your admin and FTP account. I shall make a quick check on this particular issue for you.

2. > If there is no images in folder that this slideshow points to display, it will indeed be empty.

> The resized images folder is automatically generated, if you change the original image in the folder A, but there is actually not any changes in folder B. Since the name of the new image maybe is the same with the old image, hence it’ll still take the image in folder B. You can try to delete the resized image folder and change the image again.
Let me know if any part in the userguide does not make sense. I shall help you out on such.


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