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Dear team
We’ve just purchased UB Data Migration Pro (3.2.3) and trying to migrate our Magento to Magento 2.3.4
I wonder if migration tool allows to “Keep original IDs” for categories?

So far, category IDs in M2 does not match the IDs in M1. But products assigned correctly to categories.

Could you give a technical light how it worked out? The tool somehow create a mapping M1 categoryID => M2categoryID?

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Hi there, 
As noted in our reply in your other ticket here, please help to submit the question under your paid profile at Ubertheme. Our technical support requires an active subscription. 
Meanwhile, for your information, the category’s ID is automatically defined by MySQL depending on the value of ‘AUTO_INCREMENT’ setting in the table ‘catalog_category_entity’, like this screenshot: It helps avoid IDs conflict (duplicated IDs) when a new data record is added to that table.
Ubertheme team

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Hi Itdrinks, 
We’ve just replied to you for the same question in your other ticket. 

If possible, please help to re-submit your question under your paid profile. It’s easier for our technical team to follow up on your inquiry later on without asking for the subscription info again. 
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