localhost didn’t send any data

Installed plugin on a fresh installation of Magento, using AMPPS, PHP7.
Loading the plugin in the admin area results in “localhost didn’t send any data.” error within the iframe.
Looking into the code, it appears to be line 43 in MigrateController.php “$steps = MigrateSteps::model()->findAll();”  that is causing the error.
Any advise?
Kind regards,

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Hi absolute,
Did you follow step by step in readme.txt inlcuded? Seem you missing enable the SQLite in your web server.
Let’s send me the full content of the log file at path: pub/ub-tool/protected/runtime/application.log
or Let’s deploy you working in a VPS and provide me the admin and ssh credentials of your M2 site. I will check directly and help you get out.

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Hey Mall,
I setup a clean installation on one of our servers and it worked fine, so I can only assume there’s a configuration issue on my local machine. FYI, SQLite was installed.
Kind regards,

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Hi Tom,
Please send me the full content of the log file in your local path: pub/ub-tool/protected/runtime/application.log
I will check to see if the log reveals the root of the issue.
Anyway, it is hard for me to detect the root issue in your local context. Please consider to have your instance live where  I can help you effectively.


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