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How does this module works? Why does it only show one product, and the product doesn’t change even if I have other products with more reviews than this one? Is it using product attribute? I don’t see a product attribute named "most reviewed".


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Hi vertex615,

Its a static block named: Most Reviews with content:


{{block type="joomlart_jmproducts/list" name="jmproducts" template="joomlart/jmproducts/list.phtml" show="1" title="Most Reviews" mode="most_viewed" catsid="" max="80" height="124" width="80" quanlity="2" perrow="2" }}

-- It use JM Product List module
-- show: enable it or not: 0, 1
-- mode: can be latest, most_viewed, …
-- quanlity: number of product appears
-- perrow: number of product per row

Please go to this static block : CMS > Static Blocks > Most Reviews and make your own change.


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