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I have a Joomla 3 site development built with JA University. It has Chinese and English language packs installed. It has three main menus, all, English and Chinese. Language switcher is working. Only one mainmenu can be showed on the site, so clicking Chinese would only show menu items tagged Chinese.

The problem I have is the mainmenu position is not controlled in Joomla modules. Otherwise I would assign a different mainmenu to selected pages. The solution seems to lie with the Template Manager. I duplicated the default theme and tried to change the mainmenu in it to ‘mainmenu-en’ but it seems to change the main menu settings in the original theme too! Is this a known bug with JA University and T3? I went back to my english menu and assigned the theme to the new duplicated one, but the whole site seems to change.

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Would be helpful for us to have a super user account for your backend in this way we can check your configuration and verify if could be a template bug

If you want you can send me via Private Message the account

bestintlschool 0.00 $tone December 18, 2013

Thank you for your reply. The site is on a localhost server at the moment but thank you for offering to take a look. I may well need some help when it is live.

I think I may have solved the issue. I created three template styles (JA Uni) under template manager. Then I duplicated the default profile twice and renamed them default, default-en, default-cn; for All, English and Chinese. Under each profile I changed the Mega Menu to the corresponding menu; created earlier to show the different homepages. I was not done yet though. You need to go to the Langauge / assign pages tab in JA Uni and add the pages that are going to use your new profile, in my case default-en and default-cn. Any time you add a new page to the site you will need to do this. Confusingly you can do this for all three template styles, which I’m sure could end up with some head-scratching in the future, so be careful.

For those of you who are trying to setup a multi-lingual site with this template, JA University is working as a multi-lingual site v3.1, on IIS 7. P.s. If you use IIS 7, make sure you use Microsoft’s Rewrite module

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It’s hard to give you suggestion without have close clues on the issue. Please send me URL of your site and admin login & ftp credentials via private message. I will help you to check further.

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I have the same problem with the University template and Joomla 3.2 multi-language.

I have english and Spanish Megamenus.
But I really don

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Go to template manager and click ja uni. Create a new template style by cloning the default one and naming it default-spanish. You can then assign that profile the Spanish mega menu, under the mega menu option. Then you go to language and page assign tab and add all the Spanish pages to your new template style. You will need to assign the English pages to another template style that calls the English mega menu.

I took me ages to figure out how to use this template for multi lingual use. Make sure you have setup all the filters and switcher plugins and have a third mega menu for ‘all’.

Hope this helps.


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