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Hello, I’m step before to re-open my shop but there is error related to search results.

Please take a look on my website:…esult/?q=music

If you will click page 2 or next page there is message/error:
Minimum Search query length is 3

It doesn’t matter what number I would put on Configuration -- Catalog -- catalog search -- Minimal Query Length -- it gives me just the number from that. I was browsing it through magento forum and people are sending me back to provider of template.

So, can you help me with that issue? Thank you in advance.

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Dear Ikultura!

I have checked your site and see that pagination error. The pagination not include parameter for what to search. Please supply us the login information via your support ticketxgx-928-59277. We should check and fix this problem for you.


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no answers? i have bought two magento templates from you and (epido and tube) and both got the same problem. so, i spent 240 dollars for service i can’t use… it’s not fair.

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dear, sorry for second post from my side. i didn’t see any answer before. i can’t jump on link you gave me but i had problems with login and update information, so i let myself to send PM message to you with all details. i hope it’s ok for you.
please let me know when you can make this bug sorted, thank you


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