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On this JM Craft product view you have the product photo size set as 515 x 515. When you click on the product photo so it pops up, instead of increasing the size of the product view it actually opens to 400 x 400. This doesn’t make much sense since the reason to select it is to get a better view. How and which file is edited to change to size of the image to lets say 750 x 750

thank you in advance!

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To change the size of product’s image on product detail page, please open this file: \skin\frontend\default\jm_crafts\js\jquery\plugins \colorbox\jquery.colorbox.js

At line 994, replace this code:

Code: = photo.width + 'px'; = photo.height + 'px';


Code: = 750 + 'px'; = 750 + 'px';
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thanks! changing to ‘px’ to ‘750’ worked without loosing the lightbox effect. I do see the point now on making it smaller size down to 400 on your template, it would be great to have it responsive and larger to 750 for example if not at this larger size it will be an issue with some users on some screen resolution sizes or some devices.


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