Placeholder image showing on frontend instead of product image

I have set up Categories with products -- the category images show but the initial product image still has the magento placeholder even though I have added images. Any ideas please?

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When you click on Quickview or to see more info on the product the image is there.

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Hi imatilda,

I checked and saw that the reason is your image sizes, the image is too small, it’s size (width and height) should be greater than 180 , you should try with a greater image to see it works !

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Hello, I uploaded a new image for the jockey wheel with dimensions 225px x 225px and I can still only see a placeholder image behind the quick view image. I don’t think size is the problem as most of my images are bigger than this again.

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Hi, I’ve just added a new category and product and the product images weren’t showing again (only for this category) even though I can see them in the backend.

After playing around with the images, It seemed to be a size issue again -- the image that was uploaded was 2000px wide so I changed the size to 990px wide but it wouldn’t show up in the thumbnail image until I made the thumbnail image smaller eg to 200px wide.

I didn’t need to do this before for products. Is this normal?

The new category is Fluids and Lubricants.


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