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Hello guys!

I am trying to create a product slider on left position in JM-Asenti,
I read a lot about the JM Product Slider module, and seems like could be a good module to use for this purpose.

But I also noticed that in the installation guide and comments, there are a few users that claims that overwriting the App and Skin folders will caouse some issues, like replacing some content I have being working on… Here is the case..…ider-Userguide

I also checked some documentation on how to install magento extentions, but Im still not to clear howto, o even how to address my main objective, which is, creating a simple 1 image at a time, product slider on left bar on JM-Asenti.…allation-Guide

Here is a screen shot of what I need to do,

Can someone please give a clue on what should I do?

Best regards to all!


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone March 2, 2013

Hi rcerrato,

if you have already installed Jm product slider and now want to have a slider on the left column you can go to edit your home cms page (navigate to CMS >> Page go to edit the home page), Click at the Design tab on the left panel you would see this tag

HTML Code:

<reference name="mass-top">        	
	         <block type="joomlart_jmslideshow/list" name="jmslideshow" />
	         <block type="joomlart_jmproductsslider/list" name="jmproductsslider" />

Right above it you add this tag for a new product slider on the left

HTML Code:

 <reference name="left">        	
	              <block type="joomlart_jmproductsslider/list" name="jmproductssliderleft" number_items="1"  />

Hope that would helps !

Profile photo of Rusell Cerrato 0.00 $tone March 5, 2013

Thanks Sherlock Holmes,

Unfortunately I have not installed the JM-Product slider, since I am a little conserned about the procedure
since it mentions that I need to Upload folders skin and app from my package to the Web server’s document root.

so I am afraid that if I do that.. somthing tells me that something really bad will happen..

Please correct me If I am wrong, is this the procedure to install JM-Product Slider?…allation-Guide

If not, can you please point me into the guide to install it.. then I will try your solution,

Thanks very much!


Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone March 6, 2013

Hi rcerrato,

There would not be problems with that, feel free to follow that installation guide to install the Jm-Product slider into your store.


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