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When making a new webshop with JM Topaz, I installed the productslider, but is moved a little bit down, below the header. Is there a fix, where I can put the slider against the slideshow again, as it is on the demo-side?

Regards Killerweb

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there is a <p> tag for the javascript

check this code, this was taken from your live site.



<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
			auto: 3000,
			speed: 			2000,
			visible: 		4,
			btnNext: "#jmmainwrap-jm-contain-192286394212930008811303328971 .jm-next",
			btnPrev: "#jmmainwrap-jm-contain-192286394212930008811303328971 .jm-prev",
			width: 440,
			width_img: 100		});


we have to remove this. how did you make this slider appear?

you need check this file for removing the <p> </p> tag app\design\frontend\default\jm_adamitetemplate\jo omlart\jmproductsslider\list.phtml or app\design\frontend\default\defaulttemplate\jooml art\jmproductsslider\list.phtml

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If you could not find that check in the CMS-> Home page and remove this tags and save the homepage cms .

I replaced the tag <p> with <div>., since the editor seems to put the <p> automatically before the codes.

Thank you very much




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