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I have installed JM product according to the instructions, it also shows on products, but no matter what I choose whether Top Rated, Best Buy, or else the products are always the same.

Again explained in detail:

If I select TOP Rated I have always the same products.
If I select Best Buy but I have other products like TOP Rated as yet always the same.

What could be wrong, what must I do to remedy it? I am using Magento 1.4.2 for the current line JM 1.0.5 Products

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Hi thomasloebel,
Thanks for contacting us. Let me explain more about this option in this extension.
With Top rated option: this module will retrieve products based on rating summary field when user review these products and rate for product. Maybe products appear in Best Buy option have the same necessary requirement to be shown in Top Rated option. So please try to change the rating of other products that don’t belong to either Top Rated or Best Buy option to see the difference.

Hope you got the idea.

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Thank you,

No, unfortunately not the works when I switch between the different choices, so the products are changing! Only within the respective choice always the same products can be seen. And although a lot of different products are sold, it always shows the same.

Cache, and so it is unfortunately not in the module, database records even sure what it can therefore be located?

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Attached file is the latest version of this module, please update and let me know what’s going on.

REMEMBER to keep the original files as a backup.


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Thanks for the new version, unfortunately, has not changed in the problem.

I copied the files in the directory app / code / local / JoomlArt, I hope that was correct?


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