Really! No Tutorials or Tips

No Tutorials on the current version like:
How to upgrade form 1.5 to 1.6
How to add a menu item to the top navigation menu?
How to remove the "Ores Color menu" without being directed to remove some-other menu item on some-other JM Magento template.

Nothing here for Tutorials -- Tips Really!
Not a happy customer right now.

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In actuality, there are quite a number of Tips & Tutorials for Magento here --> JMTC MAGENTO TUTORIALS

With regard to questions/issues involving certain customization(s), JA Technical Support Services are generally dedicated for bug fixing, products maintainence or general advice on how to use the products only. All custom works that requires to extend products’ core features as shown on our demo site are not subject to support coverage and should be handled by clients.

Nevertheless . . .

For changing the menu item "coulors," --> HOW TO REMOVE "COLOURS" from MAIN NAV

Not to mention --> 25 TIPS and TUTORIALS for MAGENTO

A little patience and research can go a long way.

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For my clients, there is nothing for the Magento template they purchased. Big difference on the client side.

For many of the items/issues you listed within your initial "shoot from the hip" post, the links provided to you provide a great deal of assistance. Might I suggest taking some time to look through these resources? …. You may be pleasantly surprised at the information and assistance you find.

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Visit the JM Ores User Guide for more information.

Actually the USER GUIDE has always been available since the template was released.
It was located, however, in the general message area of this forum. Sorry you overlooked it.
I have now moved it to the Tutorial folder for ease of locating.

Thank you.


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