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I`m sorry but I have another question. Recently all the posts of this forum are mine.

I tried to remove the white frame of the pictures in Shopping Cart but I can’t find the solution.

Usually to do do this, I’m adding this code:


But where can I change this for the shopping cart?

I’ve attached two pictures to show where I’m having this problem.

Thank you very much


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone December 24, 2012

Hi jafc76,

You can try to remove this white frame using css as following
Open the file of skin/frontend/default/jm_ores/css/theme.css you added this css rule

HTML Code:

 table.cart-table .product-image img {
                    border: none !important;
                    padding: 4px;
                    background:none !important;

I hope that should help !

Profile photo of Juan Fagundez 0.00 $tone December 25, 2012

After to add that code, the grey frame dissapears but I still have the white background.

What I wanna make is to adjust the frame to the size of the picture to don’t see the white background or if I can change that white background to black, maybe is ok too.



Profile photo of Juan Fagundez 0.00 $tone December 25, 2012

I could find the solution so now is working fine.

What I did is to go to:




and add the code:

->keepAspectRatio(true)->keepFrame(false) and remove width="xx" height="xx" in the right place.

Thank you very much!!!



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