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My website is
I am having issues with: 
1. The JM Slideshow, on you docs page it shows there is thumbnails of the slides on my admin panel I do not have this, and when I change the code to the image name it puts the first section as 1. (Nothing shown) 2. What I want it to show and it adds all the way up to 5. I only want 4! 
2. The FEATURED section on the home page, I have changed the titles but the products do on fall in to this space? How come? 
3. How do I change the heading section. from this: 
   -- Default welcome msg!

default french german
to this: 
Welcome! (then when you login it does say Welcome “User Name”) for eg Welcome Ryan! 

I just want it to show the union flag not the other ones. 
4. Lightbox isn’t working it takes you just to a URL page with a large image. 

  1. Profile photo of drfunukdrfunuk 0.00 $tone February 13, 2015
    I also have some strange product list spacing.... as you can see on the featured section

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Profile photo of Windig Staff 3760.00 $tone February 14, 2015

Hi drfunuk,

I need a closer look to detect the root of issue, please PM me url, admin and ftp

credentials of your site
Tks and br,


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