stick the tabs to the top in crafts

I have lot of custom attributes and tabs get hidden once users scroll to view the details on the page,
Could you please provide directions on how can i have this stick at the top when page is actolled so it does no goes further and sticks below menu.
This will a vital UI piece if implemented for most templates.
Please see below image that might help explain it clearly.
Vicky T

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@Vicky T,
This is customized. Sorry for about this we can’t support you about this case. Please send one request with the customize services.
I would be pleased to provide you with any additional information.
Hope you will understand. 

Profile photo of Vicky T 470.00 $tone October 28, 2015

Hello Ziven,
Yes, i do understand but developer subscription says you pleople help in minor customization.
No woories, i got it working but changed back after user feedback.
And yes, its was really a minor change.
Vicky T


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